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Iowa City, IA

This project, at the current location of the Pentacrest Garden Apartments, has cleared the rezoning phase.  Work is ongoing for the design review documents to be submitted to the City of Iowa City Planning and Zoning Commission and City Council.  Intentions for the buildings on the West and East sides of Capitol street to be 15-stories in height. The final iteration of those footprints is currently being finalized.  The project would reopen the Capitol Street corridor which has been closed off since urban renewal, and the South axial view to the Old Capitol building in the heart of the University of Iowa Campus, reopened - per the City Master Plan. The Capitol Street corridor would be reconfigured and designed into a streetscape block consistent with adjacent areas of downtown and campus - providing green spaces and areas for student gather/collaboration. The Capitol and Burlington street frontages would provide new commercial retail/office opportunities. 

This project would result in millions of additional tax dollars for the City of Iowa City and provide a housing amenity unlike any other in Iowa City - with high quality student facilities in the heart of campus including a rooftop restaurant, indoor and outdoor pool, interior basketball court, workout areas, and more. Virtually no other spot in Iowa City can provide tax benefits to the city, amenities to residents, and be essentially located "on campus" in this same way. Neighborhood connectivity would be restored as well as increased pedestrian and traffic flow for students and the public.

Axiom owner Rob Decker is the project lead for this effort and is working with the developer/owner on initial phases of the effort. Design is anticipated to begin in early 2019.  The design team consists of our firm alongside NEUMANN MONSON ARCHITECTS (Iowa City) and BRAUN INTERTEC (Cedar Rapids.)


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