Axiom Consultants opened in Spring of 2018, but its roots run much deeper than that.  Axiom's founders - Brian Boelk and Rob Decker - became friends in 2002 while working together at the City of Iowa City in the Engineering Division.  After many years of joking that they should start their company, they finally decided to do so in order to create something that would represent their own belief in what a company could be.  They wanted a company focused on taking care of its employees first - believing that employees in an incredible work environment might provide an incredible experience back to clients. 


Both owners are lifelong Iowans and graduated from the University of Iowa.  We believe in Iowa and, in particular, Iowa City.  We have chosen to place our company in the beating heart of downtown Iowa City because we love the culture, the vibrancy, and the quality of life it offers.  


Axiom Consultants' overarching philosophy is simple--take care of each other.  We apply this philosophy to our team members and our clients.  Axiom functions by being open and honest - by working hard and managing the processes from concept through construction.  Our approach is to provide consistently excellent service, and to listen.  We don't believe in forcing our opinions on our clients and understand that our job is to provide the professional tools to help them achieve results.