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Iowa City, IA

The Foster Road East extension project involved a full planning, concept, and design process that has been going on for over a year.  This comprehensive effort involved working with the owners and developers to facilitate conversations with the City of Iowa City and general public to complete a sensitive areas rezoning that complied with the City’s comprehensive plan.  This plan required intensive efforts to ensure that all requirements were being met and that environmental and historical investigations were properly completed.  Rezoning and platting processes were completed as a gateway into the final roadway design.  The roadway design comprises a nearly ¾ mile section of arterial concrete paving and utilities connecting up vital portions of the North side of Iowa City.

This project completes a critical cross-connection of roadway in Iowa City between Dubuque Street and Prairie du Chien Road.  This arterial section of urban road has been planned for nearly two decades but never completed.  With the completion of the new Gateway Project at Exit 244 coming into Iowa City, this project helps provide much needed traffic flow improvements and connectivity at the most vital entry-point into the metro area.  It will also provide more efficient access to I-80 for the residents of North and Northeast Iowa City.

Axiom Consultants is providing the construction staking and layout for the overall project.  Our team members served as the project lead and design team for the majority of the rezoning, platting, urban renewal, and roadway design while with another firm.


Rob Decker
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