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12 East Court (12EC) Passes Critical Iowa City Council Vote

On February 18th, the Iowa City Council voted to allow 15 stories for the 12 East Court project located between Burlington and Court Streets in Iowa City. The project would open up a critical connector of Capitol Street between the two, and provide the final open axial view to the Old Capitol/Pentacrest. The project is slated to provide over 900 units and more than 1700 beds to what the Riverfront Crossings Master Plan identifies as a "super block." The student focused buildings would be built on both the West and East sides of Capitol Street and include numerous amenities along with a sense of "on campus" living in a private facility.

The team has many important tasks ahead of it and a number of additional hurdles to complete. Primarily the planning and financing of the project. Over the next couple of months we will be sitting down with the engineers, architects, bankers, contractors, and accountants to digest what is now allowed. Complex pricing and pro forma analyses will be performed so that the project can hopefully be pushed into its final stages prior to design.

More information about the project can be found here:

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