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Galena Territory Marina and Pavilion

Lakeside Public Space and Marina Facility located in the Galena Territory, IL

The Galena Territory Association (GTA) Marina and Pavilion redesign project is a years-long effort finally come to fruition. The GTA has been strategically planning to redesign its campus for over 5 years and, with the help of our partner, Legat Architects, our comprehensive A/E team completed an incredible design for the association developing a new building for both the existing Marina and Pavilion locations as well as an overall campus redesign.

The new facility is designed with a huge amount of client (board) input and was realized after a number of visioning sessions and design charette processes. The new facility will be open in Summer of 2024 and will provide new amenities for the entirety of the GTA ownership population. Complete with beautiful new exposed timber buildings, these indoor/outdoor spaces will enliven the whole GTA Marina site for decades to come!

Rob Decker

Project Manager

C, S, M, E, Surv

Disciplines Involved


Year Completed

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