Tom joined Axiom Consultants in 2018 shortly after our foundation, after working for over 2 years in the private sector.  He works on a variety of structural designs - primarily buildings and infrastructure offerings.  Tom also performs analysis of existing buildings and prescribes solutions for renovations and adjustments.  He completes a number of property condition assessments along with additional structural staff.  Tom coordinates many of Axioms photovoltaic (solar) design efforts including structural and electrical team offerings.  He also provides construction support and has even been known to do the occasional survey!

Tom's approach to structural design is to quickly and effectively analyze a building, evaluate it for all of the appropriate considerations, and provide a safe and code-compliant solution that meets client and architectural team needs.  He completes tasks with a great attitude and affinity and is always seeking to find the most sensible approach.  Tom's skillset is very broad-based and he is as at-home in the field as he is in the design chair.  Tom also provides a detailed eye for construction and assists Rob Decker with Axiom's construction support efforts.

Tom is the Structural Design lead for Axiom Consultants.

Structural Engineering
Structural Analysis
Foundation Design
Geotechnical Design
Property Condition Assessments
Retrofits and Historical Renovation
Solar Design
Project Coordination
Construction Inspection
BACHELORS - Civil Engineering, Structures Emphasis:  The University of Iowa
OSHA 10-Hour
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